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flores joins us live to explain why some people are strongly opposed to the policy. good afternoon, brian. >> reporter: hey, tori. yeah, well, parking meters like this here along chestnut will be starting on sunday. there are several businesses who are against it. but there are some who are for it. only time will tell how businesses will be affected one way or another. whether bizs or commuters like it -- whether businesses or commuters like it, it's starting. you may have to fork over a few bucks where before you didn't have. >> the usage of meters on sunday, think it will hurt businesses. people are used to having that privilege to park and shop and do all of those kinds of things. >> reporter: this is not new for parts of the embarcadero or fisherman's war of who have this -- wharf who have this parking enforcement. this will increase the coffers but traffic is also expected to increase also. >> any of us who live in the city. if you go to the local hardware store, you can find a meter because of that turnover. try to do it at 11:00 on a sunday morning and you can't find a place to par
day after three-day meeting of the u.c. board of regents. brian flores joins us live to explain one of the issues on the table, a $4 million marketing plan that was a huge flop. brian? >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. governor brown making a rare appearance today at the urchlts c. regents -- u.c. regents meeting. he would like to see more students getting their education through online courses. the governor making that pitch today during the meeting that was also attended by lieutenant governor gavin newsom. increased online courses was also spearheaded by the u.c. president. he said there are no other ways to get around the traditional methods of education. the governor says the system needs to make the changes. he says that both the u.c. and -- [indiscernible] -- needs to hold the line on tuition and costs and thinks online courses will do that. he says it may even benefit high schools. >> maybe the online expansion can get into the high schools and get kids into math and science and even language and other programs that can get them ready so they'll be part of that pool that co
coming up. >> thank you. >>> playoff fever is now sweeping the bay area. ktvu brian flores reports after this weekend's decisive win 489er fan -- 49er fans are ready to roll on. all the way to the super bowl. >> you are exactly right. good afternoon to you. even though that lost playoff game a couple days old, there is no shortage of 49er pride. you're taking a look at a huge san francisco 49ers flag here on top of the financial district building. the talk at least this noon hour is a play of the 49ers and especially quarterback collin kaepernick. fans are just excited about this weekend's game. they are confident the team will win against the falcons. if you're playing ongoing to atlanta you may want to grab tickets now. i just checked on ticket master about 20 minutes ago. there are still tickets available but the cheapest ticket was around $245.79. i was able to find a pair of tickets for $118. you can also check nfl ticket exchange. ticket master cities those tickets won't go on sale until all the regular season tickets are sold. majority of fans will be watching the game at home thi
on daphne way. ktvu's brian flores is there live to let us know what's happening there today. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. it's been several days since the last imagine poor rain storm. as we take a look, the water levels are pretty normal. don't let that -- familiar you. there's a lot of damage and now the city and county are asking for the state's help. with sandbags on the ready, some residents are frustrated that local officials have not done enough for the next big rain storm. >> we have the flood in '98. they say they are gonna fix it. it's still the same. we're concerned about that. >> reporter: that's because along the creek, major damage from the last storm remains. at least seven homes were damaged. so is the levee. >> there's a great deal of erosion. as you know, the water overtopped the levee in the guardens neighborhood. there was damage to private and public property. >> reporter: city officials are asking for the state's help to aleast shore up on the levee. they are hoping $2.7 million could tum from the state to -- to come from the state for help. >> the declaration
as it docked in lower manhattan. brian flores is in the newsroom with the latest numbers on the injured. >> reporter: good afternoon. the latest is there are at least 57 people injured. two of them critically. we're hearing that one of those two people is in a very dire condition and may die as a result of the crash. the commuter ferry was on its daily commute from new jersey to lower manhattan when it crashed as it was trying to dock at pier 11. at the time, the ferry was carrying about 320 passengers. it can carry as many as 400 people. many of those passengers were reportedly near the exits and on stairwells. many passengers say they were thrown onto the deck of the boat. some slamming into windows, seats and even each other. this morning crews set up a triage near the ferry and many suffering minor injuries like cuts and bruises. others suffered head and neck injury. here now passengers describe the ordeal. >> i was actually sleeping. i -- all of a sudden we just hit, boom. and people were catapulting forward. it was a big bang. all of a sudden my face was in front of me -- was in t
crashing into a neighborhood grocery store. brian flores is there with what police are saying about the cause of this deadly collision. >> good afternoon. well, you heard the police chief himself say how an unbelievable tragedy this is. as you can see behind me still active and dynamic scene. you're looking at the black sedan there. that's the suspect's vehicle. what happened he left the traffic stop, sped away crashed into a couple that was driving another car and now two people are now dead. according to police they were initially called because of a report of gunshots towards the republican housing complex around 7:45. that's not too far from here. they got an initial description of the suspect's car. police then pulled over the suspect near 21st and when officers approached the car the suspect took off at high rate of speed and then just a couple of blocks and seconds later the alleged suspect tee boned. >> killed the scene as well as an innocent pedestrian that was entering the store as well. meanwhile the driver of that car had life threatening injuries and the suspect. >> oth
this morning. brian flores is live in castro valley to tell us what's next in this case and what happened. >> reporter: it's been over two months since the woman was killed in the home behind me. you can it still remains boarded up. but the two young men accused in her killing finally entered pleas today. the 18-year-old and 16-year-old pleaded not guilty in hayward criminal court. they are accused of strangling the woman and leaving her body inside while her home burned to the ground last october. the pair was arrested last month. investigators say the two had attentions -- intentions of stealing registered guns, cash and jewelry and selling them later. barbara latchly, investigators wanted her to leave but when they didn't, they strangled her and tried to -- investigators say they wanted her to leave but when they didn't, they strangled her. >> here's an attorney for one of the suspects. >> he's scared. she's charged with a very serious crime. he's very concerned and he's worried. he's frightened. but he's realistic about the process and we involve him in all stages of what's going to o
sideshow in the middle of 880. it happened in oakland over the weekend. brian flores joins us live now from oakland to let us know what you've just learned. >> reporter: good afternoon. this particular sideshow happened on 880 at 4:00 p.m. on saturday near the coliseum. while some of the drivers may have been having fun, the chp and other drivers there just are not laughing. >> there's also incidents where there's hospital in the i have sinty that people are trying to reach family members or care for themselves. so absolutely in no way is this safe driving. >> reporter: the drivers in these cars doing doughnuts near the coliseum are in big trouble with the law. >> i've never seen anything like this. it's just -- it's unreasonable. it looks like something you would see on a video game. these are real life incidents. >> reporter: on saturday afternoon, the unknown driver stopped northbound traffic for this sideshow. while sideshows are nothing new to the area, this was one of the first time this happened on the freeway, according to investigators. >> you saw people outside their cars. it was
-- brian flores joins us from a home just a block away where investigators search for clues related to the disappearance. >> reporter: behind me is the home where local and federal investigators were searching for clues in the 29-year-old case. pretty quiet now. we're also expecting a picture of a person of interest from the original investigation. he has since died. we have yet to receive that but we did speak with a person who knew the family and he says right now it's bringing up mixed feelings. >> i saw posters. i answered the phone. i did anything they wanted me to do. >> reporter: michael sharp from san francisco remembers the search for collins, not only was he a volunteer for the search but knew the family. he's concerned for their well being just like he was almost 30 years ago. >> i was scared. i was shaking. i could hardly sleep last night. thinking about it. what the situation was. but i did get some sleep but was very worried about ann. >> reporter: ann collins is kevin's mother. ktvu spoke with her and said she's still numb about the disappearance and really doesn't kn
in the middle of rush hour. ktvu channel 2 reporter brian flores joins us from the newsroom with details. >> reporter: the conditions were foggy at the time of the crash. two people are dead, 13 injured. despite the numbers officials are saying this is a miracle that more people weren't hurt or kilned. this is video just after the helicopter crash. you can see the flames from the crash on the roadway there. news reports out of london say the helicopter crashed into a crane during rush hour. the location about ten blocks away from the very busy water -- februaries say the pilot was the only one on guard. the other person that was killed was reportedly in close proximity to the crash site. >> we just heard an explosion. it sounded like a fighter plane flying over. we thought it was a terrorist attack. we came straight out on the main road. there was huge piles of smoke over the back there. >> reporter: again 13 people are injured as well. we know one of them is in critical conditions. officials is also say there was knob inside the crane operating it. we are hearing the person that would n
a surge in riders thanks in part to recovering economy. brian flores is in san francisco to talk about what the agency is doing to keep up with the growing ridership. brian. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of people heading out to work this morning. a lot of people obviously riding bart as well. behind me is the embarcadero bart station. this is considered one of the busiest stations in the city. now officials are trying to find a way to improve ridership. as people know it's getting crowded. according to the chronicle one of the things they are looking at include expanding the platforms at the embarcadero and montgomery stations. these are considered the busiest stations. officials are also considering adding more train cars, building more saddle bag platforms that sit on the opposite end of the tracks or running more direct service routes. officials with bart have already ordered more train cars but not expected to arrive until 2017. if you order more cars, those cars won't be here until 2023. bart riders ship is about 290,000 riders every day during the workweek which is a 6% incre
january 17th, i am brian flores. >> thanks for waking up with us this morning, let's check with steve on the weather it does feel warmer. >> yes, there is a little more moisture in the air. still some upper 30s over a few, but highs look at oakland 62 and 62 in pacifica, here is sal. >>> traffic is looking well around the bay area, we are looking at 24 westbound and it looks good driving to the caldecott tunnel. 101 looks good approaching the 880 split. let's go back to the desk. >>> point information about san francisco restaurants -- important information about san francisco's restaurant here is more on the city's move to make restaurants healthy. >> reporter: starting today you will be able to figure out the public health standards and it is all part of the mayor's initiative to make government information easy to access. he hopes he will make it easily citywide. he will be at a conference where he serves as chairman and innovation. the chairman worked with the engineering team to create standards that other city sites and others can use as well. you can see how customers rate it b
200 to $500 and we have even seen them up to $1,000 as well. brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. >>> san francisco is welcoming back hockey fans and workers at bars and restaurants say it has been touch and that's exacted to change. those games could begin with in the next ten days. >> we will be able to hire some more people. we have not hired more than ten people just because we didn't need them. >> the tentative deal was reached after a 16 hour marathon session and the league's owners and players still have to ratify the contract. >>> an oil drilling ship ran aground on alaska island is being towed to a protected bay. the salvage crew is on the ship along with royal did you have shell. -- royal dutch shell. they are carrying 150,000 gallons of diesel but so far no signs of a leak. >>> a very nice winter day is shaping up outside our door and it is a cool one out there today. temperatures are already rebounding and outside we started out a lot colder than we had been. oakland is giving you the soft sunlight and i will explain in just a moment. you can see it is nice and calm and temper
news. >>> good morning everybody, i am brian flores, pam cook has the day off. >> hello, steve. >> we have a little cloud cover, the breeze has picked up, not as cold as yesterday morning, there are some partly cloudies over us and it may be a little warmer but there is a breeze as well, here is tara. >> happy new year's steve. >>> right now we will take a look outside the oakland coliseum. traffic is moving well in both directions and along the east shore freeway, you can see emergency lights on the right- hand side of your screen but everything seems to be moving along. let's move back to the desk. >>> two shootings marched, gunfire injured a child and man around 11:30. police say a 12-year-old was shot in his foot. a man was grazed by a bullet and officers do not have a description of a shooter and they are hoping witnesses will come forward. meanwhile in old sacramento, two people were killed and one person hurt. it started with a fight in a restaurant and spilled outside. shots were fired and afterwards the midnight fireworks show was canceled and police cleared the area.
on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now. >> i am brian flores. >> and i am pam cook, thank you for waking up with us, let's start with the weather. >>> changes, changes are brewing, no doubt about it, unless you are stuck in that fog, temperatures will come down, highs ins 60s and 50s, here is sal. >>> we had some road work on the dumbarton, but the traffic is very light westbound, all the lanes have been reopened and looking at 880 and 101 and traffic looks good, see a little road work approaching 9th. let's go back to the desk. >>> we are following developing news. they both happened on 25th and connecticut streets just 90 minutes within each other. paul chambers is live at the scene, paul, what do you know this morning? >> reporter: i will tell there are two separate incidents, a stabbing and shooting and we will take a look at some video. police came out here after a shooting and they say that person was possibly shot in the foot. after a person left the scene a person called 911 saying there was a stabbing. that person had three stab
january 21st, brian flores has the day off today, and i hope it will be as warm as it was yesterday? >> pretty close, pam. a few clouds are trying to sneak through on that ridge, highs today mainly in the 60s and some upper 60s, here is sal. >>> traffic is doing well around the bay area and there is an accident into southern county, 101 and 106 and the traffic may be affect by the truck accident but on 17 we are off to a good start, let's go back to to the desk. >>> police are investigating a deadly shooting, it happened shortly before 1:00 a.m. this morning not far from geneva avenue. alex savage has more on what happened. good morning, alex. >> reporter: a man came up to me and told me the two victims were his brother and his cousin. he was too distraught to talk on camera but he said his brother had two young sons and did not deserve to die. the gunman opened fire here at middle street, which was just after midnight. whom saids looked for witnesses. they rushed -- homicides looked for witnesses. the injuries are not considered life-threatening. the man who died in the shooting, 4
morning everybody, it is tuesday january 22nd, i am brian flores. >> other changes are ahead. here is steve. >> that is true. we had beautiful spectacular weather and this could lead to more rain wednesday but even though highs are on the mild side they are beginning to come down. here is sal. >>> on contra costa as you drive between walnut creek and oakland it has been a nice drive with no major problems. also it looks good a long mouth pound 101. at 42 let's go back to the desk. >>> an officer is recovering after being shot on duty. one suspect in is custody on a another is on the run. >> reporter: an officer just told me a short time ago, the two men are on the run as far as he knows. they are wanted in connection for a shooting and as you can see the s.w.a.t. team remains on scene and they are focused on a house up there on the left side but they are mostly just doing collection. they had four square blocks locked down. this situation am began last night when three armed men opened fire on an officer and hitting an officer in the arm. they were able to take the two into custod
flores is in san francisco to tell us more about it, brian? >> reporter: i don't know about celebrity, that is a little bit of a stretch but thank you. we are here at i world and there are two places that will be opening up or the convention i should say. it kicks off at 9:00 a.m. as we roll the video and apple is not here ironically enough and they pulled out a few years ago because they felt it was better to market through their own stores but what is next after you leave, you can access your iphone or apple ipad and we can take a peak at what is hot this year. >> apps are driving the market and there is so much innovation in apps and if we are running enterprises, apps are particularly important and interesting and we have a lot of output devices here buds and a lot of the vendors are selling stuff and you can do some shopping and get stuff at one price only pricing. >> reporter: that will not be the case because as you mentioned, earlier, a lot of people will be lining up because ashton will be here and he will be playing steve jobs in the latest movie, jobs. coming up we will t
flores has more on why those tickets will be hard to get, around they -- aren't they brian? >> they sure are and if you are a 49ers and if you are definitely going to be upset. it was just an amazing game between two rivals and packers. they, they will be hard to come a by and they didn't say how many but just a limited amount. if you are hoping to get those tickets make sure you have a strong internet connection because the only way you can get those tickets is through ticketmaster. if that does not work out you can search the ticket exchange but you may run the risk of getting counterfeit money tickets so be careful. last year, season ticket holders hold more challenges. we just heard as well, tickets are expected to go between hundred dollars and $300 and we will be airing this live on saturday. brian flores at candle stick park ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> 49ers play friday and saturday and if you don't have tickets, watch the game right here on ktvu channel 2 morning ktvu channel 2. >>> we will look at the commute this morning, sal? >>> we are looking at traffic that certainly p
. ktvu channel 2 reporter brian flores is live at 9th. brian, what happened? is anyone hurt? >> from what we understand, sal, three people were taken to the hospital at this point. it's unknown injuries. go ahead and take a lookant the damage to this pickup truck right here. this is a ford explorer sport track, you can see extensive damage here. as you mentioned, we're on 9th and brannan. this truck, from what we hear from witnesses, was traveling at a high rate of speed. it slammed into another tow truck and from what we understand there's a lot of damage to that tow truck as well. but again, there's three people that have been injured so far. if we take a look at the scene, newschopper2 is up ahead as well. brannan headed northbound is currently closed right now. so if you are heading towards 9th and brannan near the pier 1, currently closed right now, but according to police, they will be opening it up soon. the pickup truck was traveling at high rate of speed, slammed into a meter post and made a little bit of damage to the building but not enough to where it was significant damage. 9
bit slow and you can send me a tweet and steve and i are on twitter, i don't know if brian flores is but traffic is moving a long well as you drive through. no major problems westbound and oscar grant long as you done tweet or to anything while you are driving, north and 880 south pound and from grand line road, i think you still have a whip tow to fit out there. >> it is a great tool. >> absolutely, love it. we have mostly clear skies and there will be a lot of high clouds coming in by the way. best way to get weather information to me. temperatures will be slowly coming down and there is a system coming in but it has two speeds and it is turning and it looks like a pattern starts and today it is that in between day and light rain makes it in tomorrow and there will be two systems. instead of 20s we have 30s and 40s and a half moon bay 45 and that's actually redwood shores. the antioch -- antioch is near this, same for novato. not far a way you can find increasing temperatures. this is our computer model and the only reap i amable to which is usually delayed. that is very, very l
am brian flores in for dave clark. >> it sounds like rain but maybe just a tiny bit, maybe. >> yes, pam. finally a lot of cloud cover coming in not much rain but more likely in the afternoon and i would favor the areas in the golden gate, here is sal. >>> some traffic between walnut creek and oakland looks good but no major problems and 880 looks good as you pass the coliseum, now let's go back to the desk. >>> an early morning apartment fire, we are learning more about how it started and tara moriarty is there at the scene in haze valley with the neighborhood with more on what investigators are saying, tara? >> reporter: initially we reported this was a christmas tree fire but that was not the case. it is sort of a busy road and you can see all of the rubble that is stacked up in front of the apartment building and the damage that is between those two buildings arson investigators are not sure what sparked this fire but officials believe whatever it was, was in a blue bin between two buildings. fire broke out and the fire walls coming from between the two buildings and they did ac
brian flores, in for dave clark. rosemary orozco is in for steve. how is it looking? >>> we have showers in monterey in the santa cruz area and giving you a peak, you can see most of the bay area is dry at this point but perhaps there is a few light showers, morgan kill and over santa cruz as well. we will remain with a few spotty showers and they are coming up in just a few minutes. here is sal. >>> 680 southbound as you drive passed mission boulevard and it is a little bit wet out there as rosemary orozco said. this is a look at the bridge and the traffic is moving along well as you head out towards the commute. now we do have a big problem in marin county and the water-main break is coming through, we have details on what happened, paul? we are on the drive here in marin county and there will be a lot of clean up, let me show you why. that fire hydrant is still still open and the fire department got a call about flooding in green bray. once on the scene, the water was spreading out and they were able to get a handle on one of the nearby valves but one area was still working. >> that h
>>> there was an overnight rescue on mount tam and ktvu's brian flores has the exclusive video for you and we have new information. >>> the u.s. senate passes an 11th-hour bill to avert the fiscal cliff. this morning, it's the house of representatives' turn. >>> stanford fans are counting down the hours to today's big game. we have live coverage from pasadena on the 2013 rosebowl. "mornings on 2" begins right now. >>> well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, january 1st, first day of 2013. >>> topping our news -- hundreds of thousands of people gathered along san francisco's waterfront at midnight to ring in the new year. but it was a holiday celebration marred by violence. ktvu's alex savidge tells us a 12-year-old boy was among three people who were shot. alex? >> reporter: well, as thousands packed the waterfront last night, someone opened fire here on embarcadero close to pier 2. a total of two people shot here. one of them a 12-year-old boy. he was hit in the foot but is expected to be okay. now, this happen
is hoping this will bring some closure. brian flores will that that part of the story -- will have that part of the story at 7:30. >>> an alarming wakeup call to a family in san jose. they woke up to flames. janine de la vega is live at the scene. you say police think this is deliberate. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning. this is an upper middle-class neighborhood with homes well over a million dollars. for some reason or another, the home right here has been targeted. here you can see yellow paint. this was from an earlier incident. the latest one happened this morning. here you can see in the entryway of this house, it's all black as well as the door. there's smoke damage there. that's because it was lit on fire. police and firefighters came to glenwood avenue at around -- at around 3:00 this morning. they say the husband, wife and adult daughter herd a commotion. they walked out to find their front door was on fire. the homeowner was able to put it out before firefighters arrived. he told us that the morning before his daughter's ford focus was vandalized. the person who did
channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning everybody, it is tuesday january 8th, i am brian flores. >> good evening, steve paulson has your weather. >>> it is going to be warmer brian and pam and we are looking for temperatures that will be in the 40s and mostly sunny, not a lot of high clouds, temperatures warming up, 64 in san jose and morgan hill, here is sal. >>> traffic does look pretty good if you are driving around the bay area, no major problems driving on 880 southbound as you drive to oakland. this is northbound 101 traffic approaching the 880 split, let's go back to the desk. >>> there is new developments in the case of a man setting his girlfriend on fire. oliver was taken into custody at 9:00 last night at a motel in oakland. he was booked on arson and murder charges. he doused his girlfriend with gasoline and lit her on fire after the couple got into an argument outside of a laudromat. she is now in the hospital with critical injuries. >>> the coast guard will meet with the man who sideswiped the bay bridge. here is more about the bar pilot. >> reporter: a few moments ago a s
be getting a new name. brian flores is live in san francisco with the possible change and why it would be a first. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning. 41million passengers pass through sfo every single year but by the end of the year, they could actually be passing through the harvey milk san francisco international airport if legislation goes through. now, city supervisor david campos today will introduce a charter amendment to propose to remain sfo. according to the chronicle, he's gotten support of four other supervisors. now, milk, a former supervisor, became one of the first openly gay men elected to public office in the u.s. when he won a seat on the board of supervisors back in 1977. he was assassinated at city hall more than a year later. now, there were a few people we spoke with this morning when just want this to remain sfo. quite a few people are voicing opinions on our facebook page. some say the name is appropriate. >> hopefully, residents of san francisco -- they've always known this city will take a leadership role and if san francisco won't do it, who will?
, i am pam cook. >> and i am brian flores but the most important question is, steve paulson, how are you feeling this morning? >> i am pretty close to declaring victory. thank you pam, and brian, it will be patchy out there and we have sunny skies and warm temperatures, 60s in morgan hill, here is sal. >>> we have a crash on 101 lawrence expressway and we will have more on that coming up but one of the alternates you can use is 280. now we are looking at 237 here and the traffic looks pretty good as you drive so the south bay traffic is light but the crash is northbound 101 in sunny veil. they say it will be there for a while and if i can i want to put up a map in sunny veil. i have circled the area and clearly you can use 280 to 85 to get around the problem and we will talk about this and try and give you alternate roots all morning long. >>> in overnight news, a senior care facility has caught fire for the second time in two weeks. it is happening at lakeshore on third avenue. ktvu channel 2 morning news tara moriarty is there with the details of what happened, tara? >> reporte
are not happy. they are complaining loudly. brian flores is live in san francisco now to tell us what they are complaining about. brian? >> reporter: hi, dave. good morning. if you have actually ridden a taxi here, i would say for the most part, the experience mass been heavily good for a lot of people. for about 1700 people, they didn't like the experience and they complained to the city. according to an article by the bay citizen, about 1700 passengers complained about the their service. riders can complain to the 311 complaint line. the article states between july of 2011 and july of 2012 there was pan increase in 20% -- there was an increase of 20%. a list of complaints taxi drivers driving unsafely on the roads. there were complaints that drivers would refuse to take credit cards. there was at least one incident where a passenger alleged that a driver stole his credit card number. there were also complaints of driver's racial profiling, refusing to pick up passengers because of their race. drivers were using their cell phones. there was even a complaint of bedbugs in one cab. whe
. others say they are not welcome. ktvu's brian flores is live in oakland to tell us why a utility company wants to take them all down. what's going on? >> reporter: hey, dave. good morning. well, still no word yet on who this artist is creating these gnomes. believe it or not, they were all over the lake merritt area. this one is on wayne and wesley. it's a 6-inch piece of wood. it's screwed in there in the utility pole but there is a little gnome there. there's also some that have a picture of a mushroom next to it. but they are all over the area right now. but the issue lies with how and where many of these are located. now, these started showing up about a year ago. but the amount is growing in numbers. it's expected to be about00 or so around the lake merritt -- 100 or so around the lake merritt area. there are a few who have vice presidented up -- popped up around coffee shops but the majority end up at the bottom of the pole. pg&e run the poles and they say the gnomes, they have to go. the reason, according to a spokesperson, it may inspire others to place other things on their prop
's brian flores is in east palo alto right now. we know that state officials will be at the emergency meeting. brian? >> reporter: that's right, dave. state officials are expected to be here sometime today taking a look at the levee that was damaged from the last rain storm. take a look for yourself. it's been several days since that last rain storm but there's still sandbags along the creek. if we take a look at the water levels. it looks pretty low. when it rained last time back in late december, it overflowed and damaged several homes. but yeah, city officials are asking for the state's help in shoring up this levee and repairing any damage. now, just yesterday, city officials held a press conference to declare a local emergency asking for the state's help in shoring up the dirt lev ealong the -- along the creek. there was damage to seven homes as well. city officials are seeking $2.7 million to make repairs to the levy. the storms before christmas dumped so much water that water and mud spilled on the streets. there was two feet of water on the streets and 40 people had to beth ha
. brian flores is there. in addition to showcasing all things apple, this one features hollywood celebrities. >> reporter: good morning. i another there is a big game this weekend. i forgot the name of it. some big football game. but if you are a tech nut, this may be the place to be. the event kicks off at 9:00. it will go until february 2nd. apple is not here. they felt they were better able to market products through their stores. what accessories are there that can supplement your iphone, apple computer? we've seen the latest in printers, apps, even earphones but here's more on what you can expect here at the convention. >> the blue microphone is here. that's interesting particularly. godown guitars is here. hewlett-packard is here showing air print enabled printers. sanheiser is here. polk audio is here. there's a lot of app developers. about 100 app developers. >> reporter: a lot of app developers. organizers say the event has grown to a more artistic theme as well. there are several sessions about how best to make movies or take pictures through your iphone or apple device
. brian flores live at a shell station in antioch to tell us what the police are searching for and how one of the employees was hurt. >> reporter: good morning. we're learning more details about this early-morning robbery attempt that happened here at this shell station off lone parkway in antioch. this morning, police responded to the robbery attempt at 2:30 this morning. what you should be seeing is video that was shot moments after the robbery attempt. that was the clerk that was victimized. he was beat up earlier this morning. we just gotta oning with him -- got through talking with him. he said four men came in. they tried to steal cases of beer. he tried to stop him. the thieves started to beat him up, hitting him and one personp used a glass bottle to hit the clerk on the head. the clerk said they were able to take off with beer. some of it dropped on the way out. apparently no cash and nothing else was taken out of the store. antioch police were here taking down any information. but we don't know any suspects' descriptions at this point. but at this moment, the clerk refused medica
th, i am brian flores. >> good morning. i am in my warm sweater. >> it is colder this morning. >>> santa rosa is in there and fairfield is very close, it is going to be very, sunny, there are some high clouds and temperatures are inching up near the coast and bay, here is sal. >>> let's go to some live pictures. it looks pretty good on 880 and some of the road workup on high street is not causing any problems with traffic. 101 traffic does look good approaching the 880 split. let's go to breaking news. >>> right now several crews from fire agencies are battling a fire near the bridge. they say the fire is burning a large building right near the waterfront. we have a news crew near the bridge, a fire, we will have a live report coming up. >>> we are following a fire in sonoma county. a body was found in a car near sonoma university. the sheriff's office said they learned the car was linked to a man wanted for questioning by santa rosa police. they say the trunk was unlocked and the body was locked in a blanket. sheriff's are treating this as is suspicious. >>> a man jumped into the water
you for joining us on this on friday morning, january 18th i'm pam cook. brian flores has the morning off but steve paulson is here with the friday morning and a little bit of the weather. for the weekend it looks pretty nice. >> yesterday temperatures warmed up. had 60s to 70-degrees down in santa cruz. 30s and 40s. 28 up in santa rosa. look for the temperatures to be in the 60s. we'll have your weekend forecast in seven or eight minutes. >>> steve, good morning. traffic right now looks pretty good. we have road work up on the bay bridge. you're looking at a picture of 880 that is looking good. also the morning commute is moving along nicely in san francisco. 4:29 let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. >>> topping our news this morning an elderly woman was take ton the hospital after firefighters found her after an apartment fire in hay wad. the fire started inside an apartment just about 9:30 last night. fire officials say the fire was put out quickly but they found an unresponsive woman inside. alex savidge just arriving on the scene getting new information for us and he wil
, i am pam cook. >> and i am brian flores. everybody is here. >> it has been three weeks. >> it feels like it, i got a lot of extra sleep. >> no warnings or watches but it is pretty cold out. it feels colder than earlier and we are not going to check the thermometer. and san jose, morgan hill, and a few mid-to-upper 50s, here is sal. >>> let's go right to the pictures and show you 24 westbound looks good heading up to the caldecott tunnel and also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on northbound 101 in san francisco, it is 4:29 let's go back to the desk. >> right now police are on the scene of a home invasion and it happened in the city's richmond district. police say the victims were held at gunpoint. we will have a news crew on the way to the scene and we will have more coming up. >>> a search is on for a 19- year-old missing woman who vanished during a new year's eve celebration. in petaluma where the woman worked and went to school, good morning, tara. >> reporter: flyers of alyssa have been posted all over downtown and you can see one right here. as we understand,
pam cook. >> and i am brian flores, let's get you started with steve paulson, what do you think? >>> we have some patchy fog not too much but there is more this morning than we have seen. a lot of high clouds coming in, no big deal, mostly sunny after that fog burns off and we have some big changes towards the end of the week, here is sal. >>> good morning, we are looking at some pretty good traffic but i think a lot of people will be back today and we will talk about 80 westbound and traffic looks good as you drive through there. no major problems and also the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza, with no major delays. let's go back to the desk. >>> a man was stabbed an injured in san jose and now police are searching for suspects. janine de la vega is on the scene and tells us what police are saying this morning, jeanine? >>> we are here in front of an apartment complex. now police have left the scene already and what you can see is the shattered glass from the window that was broken in the stabbing. a man who lives in this apartment complex on the drive was
morning january 14th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm brian flores. it is cold out there this morning. steve paulson when is it going to get warm again? >> this week. but it was colder yesterday. no doubt about it it was the coldest we have seen. it's still cold out there but there is a little breeze holding things up for some. it will be an offshore breeze today. inland still very tough to get above the upper 40s or very low 50s. here is sal. >>> good morning. traffic is moving along pretty well around the bay area on 80 westbound as you head out to the mccarthur maze no major problems. and this morning you are looking pretty good as you drive on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. the road work has been picked up. now back to the desk. >>> one city leader is calling for a state of emergency following another violent weekend on the streets of oakland. four people killed. 11 others wounded since friday. tara mority tells us the latest shooting took place at a birthday party. >> reporter: that is right. it happened at a birthday party and basically all of the victims were men. and they s
killing two innocent people. >>> and good morning, everybody i'm brian flores. welcome to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> i'm claudine wong. pam cook has the day off. let's start off with a quick look at your weather and traffic and steve. i don't know is brr a meteorology call term? >> it is today. frost advisories everywhere else. 29 santa rosa. highs today in the 50s. it will be sunny and nice. here is sal. hello sal. >>> steve, good morning to you. there is not a lot going on. we're hoping for not much of a commute today as we go to some of these pictures. san mateo bridge looking pretty good heading out to the high- rise. it's clear and cold. you can see on interstate 880 traffic is moving well in both directions. let's go back to the studio. >>> we're following developing news from the east bay. right now crews are working to cap a water main break on one of the busiest streets in hayward. alex savidge has just arrived on the scene with the very latest from there. >> this intersection of jackson street where we are right now quickly filling up with water as you can see. w
on 2 it's sunday, january 13th i'm brian flores. >> and i'm claudine wong. if you thought it was cold yesterday morning, welcome to today. it's freezing out there. let's check in with rosemary. >> you said it. anywhere from two to three to six degrees warmer. frost advisory from the bay area. the freeze warning for our inland areas and when we say 20s i'm talking low 20s in some areas. santa rosa reporting a little bit of freezing fog this morning it is bone chills in some cases. we'll have a look at it for this hour coming up. >>> happening now day two of a huge gun show is about to get under way at the cal palace. the event comes in amist of a contention gun control debate. alex savidge is live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the organizers of this event tells ktvu he's never seen crowds this big. he expects the same thing here today at the cal palace as this event continues. day two. folks already lining up this morning to get into the cross roads of the west gun show. the doors open here at 9:00 this morning. this was the scene yesterday as hundreds of people turned out.
. >> good morning everybody, i am brian flores. there was a very tiny bump in the mercury and rosemary, we will talk more about that. >> yes, we are still tracking a few spotty showers in the forecast and you can see most of this moisture is to the south and we continue to see some of this moisture working towards the bay area picking up just a few scattered showers and near concord up near mt. diablo. a little bit of patchy fog and we will have more coming up. >>> good morning, rose mark are you, traffic is working well but -- rosemary, traffic is moving well and there is some road work in san leandro that may still have some of the lanes blocked as you are picking it up. this traffic looks good approaching the 880 split. joining us live from the scene, in green bray with the details. >> that is correct, things are pretty much under control and let me show you exactly what happened. you can see the gentleman out hereby the hydrant and it is still unclear and you can see this sign right here. fire crews tell us when we got on the scene water is generating because it was pubelling in two pa
channel 2 morning news. >>> and good morning everybody, it is tuesday, january 29th, i am brian flores. >> good morning, thank you for waking up with us, as promised, the wind picked up and it really got chilly. >> there is clouds out there and clouds are holding temperatures up with that breeze otherwise it would be even colder and most of those would be pushing off towards the inland area but mostly cloudy skies and mostly sunny this morning but breezy and windy at times, here is sal. >>> traffic is doing well around the bay area and we are looking at traffic that looks good on 880 north and southbound so far in the oakland area with no major problems on this freeway. also if you are looking at the san francisco traffic, traffic looks good to the bay area. let's go back to the desk. >>> it led to a firing of a football coach and we are learning about hazing allegations at a high school in vallejo. here is more at st. vincent. >> reporter: police are learning to talk to students and officials at st. patrick's st. vincent's as well as the archdiocese. and they just learned about it and
on this wednesday morning, january 30th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm brian flores. could there will be a warmup coming up ahead? mark tamayo. >> temperatures will be warming up as you mentioned. we are talking about a few low 60s this afternoon. that is after a cold start this morning. temperatures this morning starting out in the 30s and 40s. by this afternoon we are talking about the readings up to near 60 degrees. coming up we will take a look at the forecast highs in your neighborhood and a few more changes setting up by the weekend. >>> topping our news this morning his picture was among the first to appear on milk cartons. and now the boy that vanished nearly 30 years ago is back in the news. tara moriarty joins us from san francisco with the new lead in the kevin collins case. good morning, tara. >> reporter: the last person that kevin collins was seen talking to was a tall blond man with a black dog and a person matching that description was a person of interest in the case. used to live at this home here. he has since died. investigators revisiting the case realized that cadaver dogs were nev
'm brian flores. i don't know about you it's starting to feel a little bit warmer. >> no. >> i guess i'm wrong. steve, what does it look like out there? >> it is getting a tiny bit. it's still cold out there. a lot of 20s. in the afternoon highs bay side and along the coast are inching up a little bit. still 20s already. santa rosa is in there and livermore and many locations are close. it will be a little warmer. near 60. here is sal. >>> steve, we still have road work out there from the overnight on 880 near downtown oakland and other spots but it's not cause anything major traffic problems. that traffic is looking good. also the morning commute is going to be off to a good start if you are driving in san francisco along northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. now let's go back to the the desk. >>> oakland's public safety committee approved a controversial crime fighting plan opinion the vote came last night. tara moriarty joins us live from oakland city hall. tara, good morning. >> good morning opinion it got pretty heated. people on potato sides of the issue really take -- people
with taxi cab drivers. ktvu channel 2 reporter brian flores joins us from the city with more on what they're complaining about. >> reporter: if you ever been in a cab here in san francisco for many people the experience has been just fine but for many others the experience hasn't been so great. according to an article by the bay citizen about 1700 passengers complained to the city about their experience in a taxi cab. riders can complain to the dedicated 311 complaint line. in july of 2011 and july of 2012 there was a 3% increase. here are some of the complaints that people listed to the city. they include several instances of taxi drivers driving unsafely on the roads. there are complaints that drivers would refuse to take credit cards. there was one incident that saw a passenger aalleged a driver stole his credit card number. there is also complaints of drivers racial profiling. using cell phones while driving. there is a complaint of bedbugs in one cab. according to that article that situation was taken care of. but despite the amount of complaints some passengers we spoke to say compa
continues. >>> and good morning. it's friday january 25th i'm brian flores. dave clark is off today. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. steve is here with the weather. and what is it going to be like today steven? how is your voice? >> struggling a little bit. it will be all right there. thank you. we do have mostly cloudy conditions. it looks like a little bit of light rain is done. it's in southern california now. temperatures today partly sunny and cloudy with low 60s. >>> steve, good morning. the traffic here on interstate 880 looking pretty good. no major problems if you are driving through. also the morning commute looks good on westbound interstate 80 getting out to the mccarthur maze let's go back to the desk. >>> thank you. topping our news this morning an abduction attempt has parents and students on edge. noelle walker is outside sudder elementary school where a man tried to lure a young boy. >> reporter: this is a goodly is in what a child is supposed to do under these circumstances. the boy told the man he didn't know him and walked away from him. the suspect is described as a cauca
news. >>> good morning, everybody it's friday, january 25th i'm brian flores in for dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. steve paulson is here. doesn't sound like steve but you look like steve. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. we do have a lot of cloud cover. fog out there as well. a few light showers but still mostly cloddy today. that light shower activity mainly toward san jose. 60s for high. here is sal. >>> westbound 24 looks pretty good. no major problems here. alsos morning commute looks good if you are driving nearby on 680. this is a look at 880 north and southbound. that traffic looks good north and southbound. especially if you are driving through downtown oakland. 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> we begin in the south bay where police are investigating the third homicide of the year there. it's the second in consecutive days. ktvu reporter janine de la vega is in san jose where investigators don't have much to go on. janine. >> reporter: brian, we're here on the east side in a neighborhood just off of monterey highway. this is a mix of homes, apartment compl
they are a nuisance. ktvu brian flores is joining us live. he is near lake merit where a lot of these little beings are being found. >> reporter: it's the little gnomes like this one right here that are taking over oakland around lake merit area as you mentioned. they are basically like a six inch piece of wood with a gnome that is painted on it. some have a mushroom along the side of the gnome as well. the issue lies with how many are low dated and where they are located. now the issue started showing up a year ago. the amount is certainly growing in numbers. there are few that have popped up in certain locations like coffee shops but a variety end up on the bottom of utility poles around lake merit and as far as east 18th street. mg, runs those poles and the gnomes have to go. the reason according to a spokesperson is that it may inspire others to place things on their property and could compromise the integrity of the equipment. now we should point out the wooden gnomes are screwed into the poles and not just placed there. pg&e says they will dispatch crews not exactly sure when but they will be
mystery. they are calling this the most promising lead yet. ktvu brian flores is on the story. he'll have much more coming up at 5:45. >>> new this morning an alarming wakeup call in the south bay. ktvu janine de la vega is in san jose where police suspect someone set a house on fire. janine. >> reporter: we're here in willow glen. this neighborhood is a safe neighborhood. looks like an upper middle class neighborhood. two and a half hours ago police and firefighters were called here to this house because it appears that somebody set the door of the house on fire. i don't know if you can tell there it's a little dark but the door is discolored. that is because it has been blackened from the fire. firefighters were called here for a report of a house on fire. when they arrived they found the front door in flames. it was quickly extinguished and the three people inside were unharmed. they determined somebody threw a flammable liquid on the door and then they it will it on fire. >> they were kind of shaken up over the ordeal. this is something that is not normal and they don't know why it ha
's coach will make a big announcement. brian flores is in concord where the coach could retire after 34 seasons and now a lot of fans are saying -- hoping it isn't so. brian? >> reporter: hi, tori. you are exactly right. there are a lot of great high school teams throughout the state. there's even great programs. but the job that the coach has done here in concord is absolutely amazing. after 34 years of coaching, it's being reported that he may step down this afternoon. but whether that means retirement or remains unclear at this time, it's being widely reported it will happen today. the school issued a press release saying -- saying there will be a press conference this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. it didn't specifically mention retirement, only saying it would provide more information about the future development of the program. but the job that the coach has done is just simly legendary in the high school football ranks. he's had the most wins in california history. his 9.34 winning percentage is a national record. from 1994-2004, his team has won 150 games in a row and won 28 nca titles.
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